Suranaree University of Technology Memorial Hall is located on the 2nd floor of the Library Building. Its construction was commenced during the same time as that of the new Library Building in 2008. The Memorial Hall was later inaugurated on Thursday 29th July 2010. Its objective is to serve as an exhibition platform for historic events and progresses, as well as a depository for bulletins, objects and major historical evidences whose contents are the chronicle of the Suranaree University of Technology activities. These exhibitions, in both permanent and circulating formats, accommodate the learning sources for Suranaree University of Technology students, staffs and general public.

The exhibition area consists of 3 sections

1. Chamber of Prestige This section exhibits accounts of historical events and progresses of Suranaree University of Technology, its academic gown, national and international awards it received and innovations by the university.

2. University Archives This section displays the historical accounts and objects affiliated to Suranaree University of Technology, past photographs, souvenirs marking occasions, such as   those made during the World Agricultural and Industrial Exhibition (WORLDTECH’ 95) and in commemorating the university’s 20th anniversary, etc. In addition, there are video presentation and university related circulating exhibition chambers. It also offers the service areas to Memorial Hall visitors for data retrieval and research.

3. Chamber of Fame This section exhibits the biography and achievements of those who have made great contributions to Suranaree University of Technology, including those whose merits have made the university nationally and internationally renowned. Currently, there are biography and achievements exhibitions of 2 distinguished contributors, which are General Chatichai Choonhavan who substantiated the establishment of Suranaree University of Technology and Professor Dr. Wichit Srisa-an, the founding rector of the university who has also brought Cooperative Education curriculum into Suranaree University of Technology.